Why are we here?

An expert prevaricator with as many years experience as I have might add ‘create blog’ to the list of new year’s resolutions, and kick back with another glass of rioja and Skyfall.

Lucky you, you get me (with rioja and Skyfall) in December.

And why are we here?

Firstly, for genealogy. My plan is to become a genealogist, and an enabler, but the metamorphosis will be gradual. Finance professional to family historian, full time wage slave to portfolio career curator.

It’s going to take a while. It’s going to be exciting. And in the less exciting bits, because I’d really like to keep you interested, I’ll talk about other things. Families and food, holidays and books, spreadsheets and photography.

Running. A bit. Sometimes a lot. We’ll see how that one goes. Interior design. Grown up daughters, parents, positivity. Attempts at meditation. And anything else that interests me. And that’s a lot.

Spreadsheets? Well that’s another string to my bow. Another thought I had, about sharing skills, saving time and money. More good things. More later.

Thank you for joining me, and welcome to my blog. I’ll be back very soon


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