Genealogy and me

I’ve written before about my paternal grandmother, and the family tree which she and my sister worked on together. , present, and future, but really it was that document which got me started. At the same time, an uncle was uncovering the story of my mother’s side of the family, and slowly but surely an obsession was born.

My grandmother was writing down her memories, and my uncle was a member of a Family History Society and had access to their local archives. At the time I was a mother to 2 small children with a full time job and no time to chase off to records offices, so the fascination remained at a distance, dormant and unrequited, for a while.

Sometime later though, I discovered the on-line resources and gradually the bug took hold. The fascination hasn’t faded, and I have started to tackle other people’s trees.

My own family come mainly from the North of England, with a couple of branches extending to Ireland and Germany. My Scots-Irish husband has Yorkshire and Cornish roots. When I moved on to look at my daughter’s boyfriend’s family, I found that in 1871, his 3x great grandfather lived next door to my husband’s 2nd great uncle in London. This is why I love genealogy!

My current challenge is to tackle a friend’s tree. She’s a Londoner through and through, and this has been new territory for me.

At the same time I’m going to start studying – 2017 looks like an exciting year. I hope you’ll come with me.



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